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Tattoo studio in Vuores, Tampere!  Professional tattoo services, scar repairs, pregnancy scar toning, nipple tattoo after breast reconstruction, skin transplant toning, other scar repair services etc. 

The quiet neighborhood, excellent public transportation, and free parking ensure the visit to be as pleasant and accessible as possible. 


Current schedule

Booking for tattoos is currently closed, I have left time for the scar patients, so if in need, please contact me via e-mail or phone.

Breast reconstruction nipple repairs, scar tattooing back to skin tone, hyperpigmentation coverups, vitiligo back to skin tone, stretch marks back to skin tone, and even tattooing hair to scalp to hide scarring or bald patches. 

I am usually at the studio between 9-15. Please call before dropping by.




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TAttoo studio in vuores tampere - Tattoo Clinic


Tattoos, cover ups, scar repairs, nipple tattoos after breast reconstruction, stretch mark tattooing back to skin tone, and permanent makeup services as well. Welcome all to my beautiful tattoo studio in Vuores Tampere, Finland. I provide a wide range of tattooing, and scar repairs, and I am passionate about making people feel better in their own skin. If you have a scar, stretchmarks that bother you, an old tattoo that needs to be covered, or just an idea for a beautiful new tattoo, this is the place you want to be in. 

The quiet neighborhood, excellent public transportation, and free parking ensure the visit to be as pleasant and accessible as possible. 

Years of hard work in this business can be seen in my work range, and galleries show the variety I do. New area of work, is the aesthetic repairs, and scar repairs. These special projects bring a whole new depth to this work I love with all my heart.

I also do a lot of cover-up tattoos, these are bit more difficult to do, but when the project comes out not looking like a cover-up, I have succeeded. 

Scar cover-ups can be done with any tattoo, or optionally scars can be tattooed with an ink matching to the sk in color of the client. Different scars behave differently when tattooed, and therefore some points and facts about the matter can be found in the aesthetic repairs section. 

Appointments, consultations and bookings happen in my working hours of 9-15 from Monday to Friday, I do not normally do any weekends, or evenings, due to my small children.

Those in need of a cover-up, or a scar project, please do come for a consultation, cover-ups can be difficult to estimate trough pictures, and matching a skin tone via photos is impossible. Most skin tones can be found ready to go at the studio, some cases need a special ordered tone.

 The best way to reach me is trough a phone, or via e-mail. Do remember, that during a session I might not be able to answer the phone immediately, but I will call back or send a message. I do speak fluent English, if needed.