Booking fees: full day 100‚ā¨, smaller projects 50‚ā¨, aesthetich repair projets 100‚ā¨


The booking fee will be charged when booking an appointment. This fee will be refunded from the final price of the last appointment.


Re scheduling is possible if notified 48 hours before the appointment, in other cases the fee will not be refunded. I will not pay the fee back, in any case of not wanting to get tattooed by me, re sheduling, and moving the fee to another person is possible.


 There are risks, and some preventing conditions that need to be informed before tattooing, here are the most common: Viruses such as HIV, hepatitis, pregnancy/breastfeeding, exessive amount of moles, heart condition/ medications to a heart condition, psoriasis, vitiligo, bad acne, very sensitive skin, color/ pigment allergies etc. All clients will read trough and sign an agreement of being aware of risks, and assuring the need to know information is given before tattooing. I want to prevent all possible problems before they happen, and this is for safety reasons.


For the best possible end result and a beautiful tattoo, the client needs to be still as possible, all moving and twitching might cause some uneven coloring, and in worst case an unwanted line somewhere. Other problematic situations, as allergic reactions to a pigment, should always be treated under supervision of a doctor. These allergic reactions are the most common problem with inks, and cannot be predicted beforehand. IF you suspect having an allergy, this can be tested by making small dots with the inks to an area not visible easily. after test dots we see if a reaction happens, and the risk for a larger problem is avoided.


Cover up tattoos and other difficult projects need to be seen beforehand, so I can see what can be done, and maybe see the scale of scarring that can not be seen trough photos. 


Available bookings for new clients are approximately 6 months away, depending of the project, so please have patience