Medical tattooing

Medical tattooing

Medical tattooing includes; Scar repairs to skin tone, stretch mark tattooing to skin tone, new nipples to reconstructed breasts, skin transplant toning. All procedures are made with tattooing inks, and they are permanent. Stretch mark clients need to remember, that the toned areas do not tan, like the surrounding skin.


It has taken a while for me to form this whole concept of repairing, and retouching scars, and tattooing new nipples to breast cancer survivors with reconstructed breasts.


I discovered, that this important part of healing, or self confidence in some cases, is being bypassed. The need for permanent coloring over scars no matter the form or quantity, is a matter of importance. I truly feel like I have discovered my true calling as an artist, and ability to help people with their own skin gives such a great boost to me. I want to help all those who feel insecure or not complete.


This service is relatively new, and the whole concept of my new studio is based on this idea, and I want to make all those people feel comfortable entering my studio, that would not normally even think of walking in a tattoo studio. The sophisticated and beautiful decor, and welcoming atmosphere ensures the comfortable experience. All scars are welcome, and there is no need to be embarassed.


The wide range of different skin tone inks ensures the perfect match to any skin type, and if some tone is missing, I will order it.


I work alone in my studio, the need for privacy is guaranteed when necessary, curtains close the window completely, and additional screen is available if there is a companion who needs to wait out of the wiew. 


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